Avocado? Good bad or Frozen?

Why would an avocado be bad for you?  I can only imagine that its bad press must come from its high-calorie content.  Its nutritional value far outweighs the calorie count.  It is full of micronutrients, alkaline on your stomach, bursting with the healthy fats and as a lunch box addition, it is very convenient.

Two Types of Avocado

avocadoThere are two varieties of avocado, a smooth bright green-skinned one and a darker usually smaller brown coloured crinkled one.

Recently my sister in law happened to say that she was buying frozen avocado from the supermarket. “What?” I was horrified especially when she told me how much she was paying for them, they were double what we sold them for fresh. It had never actually occurred to me to freeze them myself, and I had been guilty of throwing away an odd forgotten cling film wrapped half lurking unused at the back of the fridge. So, not one to shy away from a challenge I quickly peeled and took the stone out of the middle of a fresh avocado wrapped it in cling film and popped the avocado in the freezer.

Frozen Success

The following morning I half expected to find a brown and unappealing mass waiting for me, but no, there it was still beautifully cream yellow-green and perfectly edible.  It defrosted nicely and I mashed it along with some chopped spring onion and feta cheese for my lunch (I am currently following the Blood Sugar Diet and this was absolutely perfect.

Try It Yourself

Freezing avocado is such a simple thing to do I wish I had thought of it myself.  I will always have a supply in my fridge ready to eat as a snack or part of a bigger meal –  thanks to my sister in law. Thanks sis!

Why not try it out for yourself and tell me your experience with it in the comments box below.  I look forward to hearing how you got on.



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